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Beats Of Beads milestones:

February 2022

We leased prime land at the gate of Maasai-Mara NR.  


SEKENANI ART - CENTRE - Picture # 1.jpg

Architecture design (By Sharon Gatt) was completed.


The plot was fenced


Construction of the Gallery

has started.


Construction and roofing completed!



Inside plaster was done

and we built a water tower.



 The Museum     construction is done.

 We started building the   shop and cafeteria.

October 2022

The Maasai women started building  their working space, and at the same time we paved the cafeteria floor.



 Spotlights were installed, and we welcomed Dr. Idit Toledano (curator) and Mr. Moshe Esh (designer) to built the exhibition. 


 December was dedicated to the washrooms: digging and constructing a Bio-Digester system and decorating  the washrooms

January 2023

Museum Guides training was going on while a beautifully painted signboard was put in place.


February 2023


excited to see the hundreds of visitors, Kenyan and tourists alike, who are visiting the museum and having workshops.

March 2023

Started the building of two artists residency.

We said farewell to Dr. Idit Toledano who stayed a month and helped us learn more about the museum objects. 

April 2023

as our bio-digester system was completed, we conected it to the NETAFIM drip irrigation, and from now on we use the toilet waste water to irrigate our garden. 

The museum lovely guides are having a new Tshirts!


May 2023

Number of visitors is increasing. We are delighted to hear the WOW from just every person who enter the museum!

Oh, and the artists rooms are almost completed


It is not the end. It is the begining of art activities.

We are excited!

June 2023


New design of belts, taught  by Joy and Beatrice, was our first art session with the local women.  congratulations for the excellent work!

July 2023

One Year after the compound  construction start, the artist's rooms are now ready to host artists and visitors.   Welcome!

August 2023

The Art-center is now an active place with lots of visitors coming to admire the artifact in the museum, or to chat in the cafeteria.

The Maasai women now feel at home to relax and bead in the compound!

We also had a surprise visit of Samburu morans! 

September 2023

A beaded-earrings workshop (supported by IL Embassy in Nairobi) took place in the first week of September.  The Skilled women are talented, and started producing beautiful earrings! 

This month, we got a visit from Maasai morans (warriors).

October  2023

More workshops, supported by the Israel Embassy in Nairobi are taking place in the Art-Center. In October we had a GLASS PAINTING workshop. See the painting of this Maasai lady that for the first time in her life holded a pen and a brush! 

More and more women have chosen to sit in the comfort  of our compound and learn  modern beading.

November  2023

Cutting grass and cleaning the compound are signs that one of our goals: The women will feel at home in the compound - is now done. 

The November workshop was all about beaded key holders.

December  2023

As the artists' residencies are now ready, and as we keep doing workshops, the Trust goels are now fulfilled. We will not relax and keep developing the Art-Center. 

As this is the last post of our milestones, we thank you for following us, and wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy new year. 

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