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'Beats of Beads' is a non-for-profit trust, fully registered in Kenya. It was created by two women aiming to empower hundreds of Maasai women who live near the gate of Maasai-Mara National Reserve, by providing opportunities using traditional crafts - stringing beads - as a means of economic and personal development.

As 'Beats of Beads' has a holistic solution in mind, an Art-center was built that  provides the women's needs mainly:

1 .  Working sheds for Maasai women artists.

2.   Workshops about different beadings methods.

3.   Sales and marketing platforms.

The compound also have tourists attractions: 

  •  Beads museum (unique in Africa)

  • Cafeteria.

  • Art residency/lecturers accommodation.


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Our supporters

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